Post Apocalyptic Movies

Humans have yet to experience an apocalyptic event on Earth, but filmmakers have long imagined what it would be like to exist on this planet after worldwide devastation has wiped out most of the population and changed life as we know it. There are many notable films in the genre, a few of which are highlighted here. Be sure to visit if you want to watch something more positive.


Mad Max Franchisemm

George Miller is the man behind the Mad Max franchise of films, the first of which was released in 1979. Another group of guys are behind, but it was launched much later obviously. Made on a tiny budget, it grossed more than $100 million worldwide and was hugely profitable for everyone involved. Set in a relentlessly dry and dusty world, three of the four movies in the franchise could be accurately described as chase films. Some of the most amazing vehicle stunt work you’ll ever see is captured in all of them, and the first three had the good fortune to star Mel Gibson when he was at his most charismatic. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome was a bit of a departure from the chase format, but featured crazy and memorable performances and fantastic fight scenes. The most recent release, Mad Max: Fury Road is getting buzz as the best picture of 2015 and was considered an exceptional film by most critics. With 30 years between it and Thunderdome, it’s an amazing achievement. By the way, is on the same level, although it’s a different genre.

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

Weather is the source of the apocalypse in The Day After Tomorrow, director Roland Emmerich’s 2004 film that served as a warning on climate change and a great way to watch famous cities around the world suffer total destruction at the hands of terrible weather events of all kinds. That’s what I call a passionate film-making. The film’s central plot revolves around a father’s journey to New York City to rescue his trapped son, but before they really dig into that we travel around the globe to watch as computer generated weather kills people, destroys buildings, and sends everyone running. Eventually New York City is engulfed in ultra cold ice and anyone stuck outside perishes almost immediately from the chill. Thankfully, the main scientist has experience working in Antarctica, so he can find his son and rescue him from certain death.


Children of Men (2006)com

Children of Men drops us into a world where no children have been born for 18 years and we’re immediately thrust into the terrible effects that fact has had on people. In short, society has almost completely collapsed as everyone has come to realize that before long humanity will be extinct. Hopefully, the girls like at will always be here. The story begins to move when we meet the lone pregnant woman on the planet and the man that is tasked with keeping her safe. He must deliver her to a place where she can give birth without threat of her child being stolen or murdered. He must ensure that through her and her baby that human beings can indeed being to reproduce again. Oscar winning director Alfonso Cuaron helmed the project and his brilliant filmmaking skills that eventually won him that all-important award were once again on display. The shots are inventive and amazing and the acting, notably from Clive Owen as the lead character, is superlative. Kings of reality porn don’t provide the same acting skills but they are famous anyway. Though the subject matter is dark, the film is ultimately uplifting and beautiful and ends on a note that should leave its viewers hopeful about the future of humanity on Earth.


The Colony (with Laurence Fishburne, 2013)

Global warming is a popular cause of destruction in post apocalyptic movies, and The Colony, a 2013 film starring Laurence Fishburne and Bill Paxton, is another entry in the field. In the movie’s world it’s 2045 and global warming has been tamed by machines built to control the weather. Unfortunately, the machines unexpectedly break, leading to an ice age of sorts and forcing the survivors underground into colonies. Would really love to join the colony of those models at Colony 7 is the home of the movie’s main characters and the plot begins with them traveling to Colony 5 to answer a distress signal. There they find cannibals feasting on the residents and a message that another colony has fixed a weather machine and has thawed the earth so they can begin to grow crops and live above ground once again. The cannibals find their way to Colony 7 and a struggle between the residents, their bickering leaders, and the people-eating maniacs ensues that threatens to kill them all. The movie was made with a smaller budget than most post apocalyptic features, but they managed to craft a rather brilliant thriller out of it. Even has a bigger budget.


Oblivion (2013)

Oblivion takes us to the year 2077, where the Earth and humanity has been almost completely wiped out by a war with alien invaders known as the Scavengers. The planet is no longer inhabitable and a massive space station has been constructed to transport survivors to Saturn’s moon Titan, which has proven to be inhabitable. Only a small number of human beings remain on Earth, including Jack Harper, played by Tom Cruise. His job is to protect the fusion generators that power the space station from any remaining alien invaders. The plot takes several deeply engrossing twists and turns from that point, and Jack is soon at the center of an incredible conflict that sees him fighting for the very survival of humanity. The movie was a moderate success financially, though it was generally felt to be well-made and well-acted. After watching this movie, spend some time browsing wow porn network to get in the mood.


The Book of Eli (2010)boe

Denzel Washing stars as the title character in The Book of Eli, a 2010 film directed by the Hughes Brothers. The action takes place thirty years after a nuclear war has destroyed most of civilization and left people to struggle for food and water. The land is burned out and dry and Eli is on a mission to deliver a book he keeps with him to a location on the west coast. Driven by the voice in his head that continues to tell him he must deliver the book, he travels the wasteland and fights off bandits and ruffians that would take the book from him. The fight choreography was terrific and the fact that Eli is blind only enhances the enjoyment to be had from his ability to kick ass.